HPC Plate CroppedHPC logoThe mission of the Hunger Prevention Coalition; to ensure support for nonprofit agencies proven to provide nutritious food for our neighbors in need in Central Oregon


Formed in 2000, the Hunger Prevention Coalition is operated by volunteers who are passionate about making nutritious food available to all. Our partner agencies, selected once each year, are chosen based on their ability to prove that they will serve anyone in need and will direct our support to purchase items that increase the nutritional value of the meals or food boxes distributed.

Knowing that your money will be used to provide nutritious food to a neighbor in need, you may either donate now through our online system OR donate at the register through our Help Fill Empty Plates program, AND/OR watch for other events benefiting the Hunger Prevention Coalition. We also encourage you to volunteer at any of our partner agencies (or with us!) to understand our program and the effect it has on our community.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is there a need for more food assistance, when so many people receive food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP]?

  • To be eligible for food stamps [SNAP], people have to have a valid ID, and a mailing address. Many people who are utilizing food shelters, etc. typically may not have an ID or address.
  • The amount of money people receive on their food stamps is simply not adequate for the amount of money it takes to feed their families. Government funds the SNAP, WIC, Oregon Trail, etc. These programs have been receiving cuts. With the demand increasing, it falls on non-profits to try and meet the need
  • People seeking food may be homeless, living at shelters, or struggling families.

How can agencies receive funds from the HPC?

  • Once a year agencies apply for our grants.
  • We require reports (with receipts) from the agencies to know how our funds were used.

How do the agencies use the funds?

  • These agencies are using the funds they receive from us to purchase items they may not often obtain through Oregon Food Bank, NeighborImpact, or canned food drives.
  • They use our money to buy fresh nutritious foods such as: milk, meats, fresh vegetables, fruits and food items that increase the nutritional value of meals being served.

Who are your current partner agencies?

The organizations and agencies the Hunger Prevention Coalition support serve communities throughout Central Oregon including Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties as well as the Warm Springs Reservation.

  • Our partners include: Bethlehem Inn, Council on Aging, Family Kitchen, The Giving Plate, Holy Trinity Community Outreach, Jericho Road, Nativity Lutheran Food Pantry, Saving Grace, St. Vincent De Paul (Bend, La Pine and Redmond), Warm Springs Presbyterian Church Food Bank.

Over the years more than $750,000 has been distributed through our “Help Fill Empty Plates” program, events, grants and donations!

The Hunger Prevention Coalition is a 501[c]3, Fed ID: 68-0536273